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Founder and designer Dan Riley from Gunn Design has worked behind the scene with some of the biggest names in the industry, from Polaris, BMW, Race Tech to EVERGOOD, establishing himself and his trademark design as one of the top dogs in the motorcycle industry. Having successfully completed projects in the areas of product design, motorcycle customisation, advertisement design, and helmet customisation. From design to execution, and from digital to tangible, Dan turns his dreams into realities.

His latest project – “saikainks.comllaboration” is one of this latest ventures into yet another special build. Hookie’s motto of “Play Hookie” is directly inline with Dan’s company philosophy of – Enjoy life, Ride bikes, and progress in creative abilities.

The history of the collaboration began when when Dan built the original Hooligan RnineT on behalf of BMW Motorrad, and the Soul Fuel builders commission. From there, Nico and Dan found each other via the shared vision of the RnineT. “He (Nico) created what I believe is the most necessary upgrade for any RnineT. Nico saw my RnineT at Intermot and that’s when I said that the only thing my bike was missing, was the Hookie Moto Kit.” And from that moment, the alliance was formed between saikainks.com and Gunn Design.

As with any great designer, Dan has his own philosophy and approach to his work. He first starts with stripping down the stock bike and rebuild using only the components that are absolutely necessary, and using the highest quality components whenever possible. His approach is evident on this collaboration, transforming the stock R NineT into something that is not only jaw dropping, but into something which is also, sends a clear signal that this is not for the faint hearted. 

We asked Dan a few questions about his work,
as well as his approach to the build.

What made you decide the kit was the right choice for you?
When I first began modifying from the stock RnineT, it was immediately obvious that the stock fuel tank and air-box configuration had to go. So I modified a 1990 Honda CBR400 tank to work with the BMW. It was good, but not great. The body lines worked, when you view the bike directly from the side, but still didn’t follow the frame lines when viewed from the front or from below. I wanted to design something like the Hookie Moto Kit; but then when I had seen that it was already produced, I felt it best to collaborate with someone who has forged that path. And customise the Moto Kit to fit my original vision.

What is the inspiration and vision you had using the Moto Kit?
By slimming down the fuel tank area, the RnineT has much more attitude, and is a much more fun bike to handle, as you feel closer to the road (or track, in my case). The Moto Kit drops the majority of the fuel capacity to the middle of the bike, and down low, it immediately translates to better handling. My vision, is to take the Moto Kit, and shave down the carbon cover, mate it with a small seat and tail, and make it into a 1-piece tank and tail combo, that has 2 quick-attachment points. I’m still developing my idea, but the body lines of my current Moto Kit layout, are the basic idea of what I’m after.

How was this vision achieved and what modifications (if any) did you make to turn the kit into your own?
My Moto Kit came from Hookie with the initial modification of having the frame rails end at the rear mounting point, and not have the rear loop attached. This allows me to work with the original RnineT subframe shape, for a narrower rear fender. I made a brace to go across the subframe, to attach the rear fender, and have the seat/fender combo have 2 attachment points for quick removal. Long term goal, is to combine the tank cover and fender/seat into a 1-piece solution.

Build Parts List:

– Woody’s Wheel Works Ultra light billet hubs
– 19″ Sun Rims, custom drilled by Buchanan’s and custom spokes from Buchanan’s
– RapidBike tuner
– K&N Filters
– Anti Gravity lithium ion battery
– Custom seat by Saddlemen
– Rear fender from a 2018 Husqvarna FC450
– Magura HC3 Master cylinders
– Spiegler custom brake lines and clutch line
– Biltwell rubber footpegs, suitable for flat track racing
– Custom stainless headers, mids, and custom Rocket motocross mufflers
– ABS deleted


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